Transitional Wardrobe Vol. 2



Today it was 85 degrees. Yesterday it was 60. And there’s a day in the 5-day forecast with a high of 48. My point is, transitional weather is here and we gotta dress for it. Did you check out Volume 1 of my 3 part transitional style series? There are so few days of the year when I can wear a bulky sweater with a pair of shorts. So when those days come, you gotta snatch them up right away.

The day we shot these outfits was so fun because Logan and I took photos of the three outfits in one perfect autumn afternoon. Photo locations can be difficult because you have to find a good location with little foot traffic. And I gotta give credit where credit is due. Logan found this incredible mural wall. Such a gem. This shoot day was also the same day we were watching my little pupper nephew, Cheetoh. He made an excellent second shooter.

I used to think as a blonde I couldn’t pull off yellow. Fast forward to 2018 and mustard yellow is bigger than ever and I’m diving head first into the trend. There are a lot of fashion looks I didn’t think I could pull off when I was younger. Some of the other trends I didn’t think I could ever wear? Skinny jeans (8th grade when they first came out), ballet flats (this is very weird), maxi dresses (because I’m short), rompers, and so many others. My point is you should never be afraid to try something out of your comfort zone. I’m a full believer that anyone can pull off any trend. You just have to be confident in your self.

All this talk about new trends has me thinking of all the other ones I need to try out this year. I’m thinking chunky retro shoes, midi skirts with bulky sweaters, and maybe a new haircut.

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