Transitional Wardrobe Vol. 1


Transitional fall style is here my friends! It seems like I was counting down the days until summer just a few months ago, but I’m ready for a little change in seasons. As you can probably tell from my lack of blog posts, I don’t flourish with summer fashion. Maybe this is why I call Chicago home… On that note, would I even be a Chicago blogger if I didn’t mention the weather in the first paragraph of my blog post? I think not.

Transitional style is one of my favorites because you can be extra creative. First of all, you have to find a look that can get you through a chilly morning but won’t make you sweat your tush off in the afternoon. My personal favorite combo is a pair of shorts with a sweater or jacket. Do you have one? Furthermore, I love how you can get more creative with skirts, dresses, and layers. I find myself reaching for skirts and dresses more in the fall because lower temps mean no chafe for this girl.

A little more about this outfit shoot. When we originally took these photos, I was wearing a black tank top. After we shot a few looks, Logan told me that my memory card was full. I was like nbd. I’ll just delete out the old photos from a few months ago. AND GUESS WHAT. Your girl deleted ALL of the photos we had just taken, including the original version of this look. We were about to shoot this look. Instead of doing the whole change-a-roo in the alley again, I threw my denim shorts over the romper and voila.

You know what transitional style means? Seasonal activities! I’m trying to think of all the fun fall activities I have planned and I’m so. freaking. excited. Summer was an amazing season for me, but I’m always refreshed by the possibilities a new season brings. Below are some of the ones I’m most excited for. Do you have any fall plans?


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