Fresh Ink: The 4 Stages of Getting a Tattoo

Hey folks, Katie here, freshly inked and ready to spill all the gory deets!

Relax- I’m kidding! There was zero gore involved in my tattoo. It was actually a wonderful experience and I cannot be more in love with my new art. Check out the story and my unveiling photos (courtesy of Shanny) below.


I cannot stress enough the importance of proper planning and research when you’re thinking of getting a tattoo. I spent about three months planning the idea, design and tracking down the perfect artist.

Speaking or artists, it’s important to find someone with experience in the design you’re looking for. I knew I wanted a floral piece with fine details and line work, so I used that as a filter in my search. I asked friends for recommendations, poked around the internet and even scrolled through Instagram. Lots of artists use Instagram as a digital portfolio. It’s a great way to stay up to date on their work and openings.

I found my artist through an upcoming tattoo event and sent her an email, hoping she could squeeze me into her schedule. Thanks to a few cancellations and my speedy PayPal deposit, I was able to steal a spot!


The first question everyone asks me is “Did it hurt?” And as much as I would love to shrug it off with an “Eh, not really…” I need to be honest with you all. Yes; it hurt. Tattoos hurt, guys! There’s no way around it. You are literally being punctured over and over by a needle- at the very least, you’re going to experience some mild discomfort.

That being said, the experience isn’t complete torture. Before we began, my artist gently reminded me that we could take a break whenever I needed. If I wasn’t so proud and determined to hold my own alongside the rows of men getting their entire backs/chests/calves tatted, I probably would’ve taken her up on it. Instead, I distracted myself by chatting with my neighbors about my newfound Netflix obsession, “Great British Bake Off.”

When the tattoo was done, my artist took a couple pics and then bandaged me up. I didn’t feel any soreness or pain the rest of the night- though, that could’ve been from the celebratory beers afterward.


The next two days, following my appointment, I noticed my arm was a little red and tender. It honestly felt like a sunburn. But, by Day 3, everything felt normal.

Over the course of the next few weeks, my tattoo was fairly itchy and peely. For me, this was the worst part of the healing process as I am a picker. Dry skin, chipped nail polish, pilling sweats- I can’t help myself. But picking your tattoo can ruin the artwork or, worse, give you an infection, so I had to stay strong. The itchy/peely stage lasted about two weeks.


Now fully healed, I can’t stop showing off my tattoo. It’s the perfect accessory, adding a feminine detail to even the simplest of outfits. It’s such a beautiful piece of art and I feel so lucky to have it on my body.


What about you guys? Anyone considering getting a tattoo in the future? Let me know– I’d love to swap stories 

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