Sweater Weather Vol. 3

I was walking home from work today and noticed it was still light out. Wait, what? Yeah, seriously I honestly forgot what it was like to walk home from the train and be able to see without the help of street lights. Remind me when spring forward is…Soon, right? Bonus, it was also 60 degrees. It was almost warm enough to wear this embroidered sweatshirt.

I’ve been in such a creative funk lately. Winter makes me feel so unmotivated. Anyone else with me? It seems like every weekend is too cold/rainy/snowy to take any photos, and there’s no time before/after work (because, hello, the sun situation above). While I love myself some winter layers, I’m ready for spring dresses, airy blouses, and open-toed shoes. But in Chicago, you have to get used to the long winter and the short spring. So I’ll hunker down and wear my cool sweatshirts.

Anyway, back to this showstopper of an embroidered sweatshirt. Can you even handle it? Because I sure as heck can’t.I got it from Zara on sale. At first, I thought the bright embroidery was a bit too loud, but I just couldn’t pass it up. If you can’t tell I’m really into embroidery… I still don’t have a pair of embroidered denim, but I’m thinking I might need some. I don’t know, I’m still not completely sold on them.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a cropped top is a short girl’s best friend. Cropped tops are even better because I also have a deep and unfailing love with high waisted jeans. I like a good mid-rise jean, but never ever would I rock a low rise jean. I think this sweatshirt would also look good with some cool flowy pants, or a button-down denim skirt. I’m still looking for one that will look good on my rectangle body type. Please send reccos.

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