Sweater Weather Vol. 2

Hi, readers and happy Monday! I hope your weekend was a good one. Logan and I hosted a dinner party with my sister, her boyfriend, my middle school best friend and her boyfriend. It was a blast. I think I’ll write another post about the dinner party. I snapped some photos of the setup and my outfit, but goodness gracious indoor photography is so freaking hard.

It’s been snowing pretty much nonstop for three days now, so I’ve been trying to stay indoors as much as possible. Hence hosting a dinner party (only kind of kidding). Over the past couple weeks, hubby and I have been adding some fun HomeGoods goodies to our house. We got a new shelf organizer, a grown-up, new jewelry organizer, a fake plant, and a couple other knick-knacks. After living in this apartment for over 2 years, it’s finally coming together. You can see more home snaps on my Instagram. Maybe if I can get some good indoor photos I’ll post an updated home tour…? You can read my first one from 2015 here, and boy we’ve come a long way since then.

Now let’s talk about this sweater. Wait, first and foremost I gotta ask, did you read Sweater Weather Vol. 1? If not, get on it and let me know which seater you like more. This gray sweater has a pretty good backstory, I found this amazing embroidered piece when I needed it most. It happened when Kayla and I were in Denver last year. That trip helped me realize that I’m a horrible packer. Guys, I think I was so excited about going to Denver that I did absolutely no research on the local weather or how to pack for an adventure-y type vacation. Turns out Denver gets cold, and the light jacket I packed wasn’t cutting it. Luckily Kayla was patient while I wandered into the TJ Maxx downtown Denver and perused the racks for something that would keep me warm. Enter:┬áthis perfect, trendy, affordable chunky long sleeve.

Have you guys ever messed up packing for a vacation? Tell me I’m not alone.

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