Sweater Weather Vol. 1

Hi, hey, hello! I don’t know if it’s because I gave up sweets for January, or what, but this month has been slower than a sloth. Have you guys seen this meme? It’s the perfect description of January 2018. I know we’re all pretty sick of sweater weather by now, but can you remember when we were begging for it? I know, it’s hard to think it was ever above 40 degrees (at least if you live in the midwest), but before you know it we’ll be rocking tanks and cut-offs. Do you have any fun spring plans to look forward to?

While we have it, I’m going to try and find some joy in the colder weather. If you’re looking for things to do (instead of things to wear) I wrote some tips on fun things you can do in subfreezing temps. Something else that can make the cold a little more enjoyable? AMAZING sweaters. So sit down, and buckle up, because I’m going to bring you three AMAZING sweaters that’ll brighten your gloomy, winter days (and keep you warm in your icebox of an office).

This sweater has superpowers. Every time I put it on I can’t help but smile. Comfy AF? Check. Great color pallet? Check. But there’s something else that makes this Free People sweater even better. And what’s that something extra you ask?My husband got it for me. Yeah, that’s right, my most complimented winter article of clothing was purchased by my husband, not me. What can I say? The dude has great taste. I mean he did choose me as a wife…

I also like this Free People sweater because it’s long enough to be worn with leggings, but it’s short enough to rock the front tuck into your favorite jeans. The more ways I can style a single piece the better. What other items should I pair it with?!

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