Tune In: Podcasts I’m Loving (Guest post!)

Hi Friends, our friend Katie, is back at it again with another blog post!

Raise your hand if, like me, you’re obsessed with podcasts. Ok, I can’t see the results but I’m going to assume lots of you raised your hands. Podcasts are taking over my life, guys! I honestly can’t tell you the last time I listened to music during a commute. Nope. Instead, I’ll choose to tune into one my favorite hosts, discussing topics ranging from makeup, to molecules, to murder.

Take a peek at some of my current favorites below.

We Have Concerns

We Have Concerns is a podcast about all the amazing -and sometimes, terrifying- things happening around the world.

    • Why I Love It: It was the first podcast I ever subscribed to (props to Anthony & Jeff for getting me hooked!). I remember downloading 10+ episodes at a time, to keep me entertained during my commutes home from college. Unfortunately, some episodes were so hilarious that I would find myself cry-laughing on the highway and almost swerving into another car. If you’re going to check out WHC, I highly recommend starting from the beginning. At this point, there’s so many inside jokes and recurring themes, you owe it to yourself to join the fun.
    • Average Episode Length: 20 minutes
    • Check Out: “Scared to Death”

I Hate It But I Love It

In IHIBILI, Kat and Jocelyn discuss all the pop culture phenomenon they simultaneously love and hate.

    • Why I Love It: One of my newfound favorite podcast formats is the “watch and discuss” format. Every time I tune in, I can’t help but feel I am there, with Kat and Jocylen, gossiping about all these movies and TV shows. The commentary is so spot-on and hilarious!
    • Average Episode Length: 1 Hour
    • Check Out: #15: Riverdale

Natch Beaut

On Natch Beaut, Jackie Johnson and her guests break down the latest trends in makeup and beauty.

    • Why I Love It: While the term “makeup podcast” may sound like an oxymoron, I am absolutely obsessed with “Natch Beaut.” Despite not being able to actually see the products discussed, I can’t help but want to buy everything mentioned on the show. Seriously. I need all these products, hun-ney!
    • Average Episode Length: 1 Hour
    • Check Out: #6: Korean Skin Care with Sujata Day

Anna Faris is Unqualified

Anna Faris, with the help of other “unqualified” celebrity guests, delivers dating and relationship advice to listeners around the world.

    • Why I Love It: Aside from getting to hear my favorite celebrities talk for an hour, I adore all the tough-love advice shared during the caller segments. Anna seems so earnest and genuine, as she tries to help her fans navigate issues ranging from co-worker crushes to nagging in-laws. So many of us have experienced confusing relationship drama, but how many can say an A-List celeb helped us get through it?!
    • Average Episode Length: 1.5 Hours
    • Check Out: #68: Sharon Stone

Sword and Scale

Sword and Scale is a true crime podcast, covering some of the most twisted and disturbing criminal cases in history. With police reports, court testimony and even recorded 911 calls, it offers a deep dive into each case covered.

    • Why I Love It: I’m fascinated by true crime- especially those involving murder (#murderino) or some form of mystery. Sword and Scale is awesome in that it doesn’t shy away from the grim details. That being said, this podcast is very heavy and some episodes are just too difficult to get through. I always make sure to read the episode synopsis before I press play.   
    • Average Episode Length: 1 Hour
    • Check Out: #80

Phew! Hard to believe, but that’s just a handful of the amazing podcasts currently in my queue.

What podcasts are you listening to? Comment your recommendations below!

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