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Today we’ve been married for a year. Memory is a funny thing. If a day’s sentiment is positive overall, then your brain seems to cling to the happy memories and shoo away the bad. Our wedding day was the happiest day of my life.

The day after our wedding I wrote down everything I could remember in a Google Doc, and it’s literally PAGES long. I didn’t want to forget a single detail that made up the most wonderful day I’ve ever experienced. I’m so happy to have all the details written out, and I would highly recommend this task to any bride or groom out there.

It’s only been a year and it’s hard to remember the minuscule moments that built up the beginning of our marriage. But here are some of the details that are as fresh as my gorgeous bouquet I held throughout the day. P.S. You can watch our wedding highlight video here.

Logan, my husband, on our wedding day I remember…

  • Waking up at 5:45 am and not being able to fall back asleep
  • My gigantic pimple from the week before had gone
  • I was second-guessing my nail color
  • I made a PowerPoint of baby and childhood photos that was never played
  • We were running on time, and then suddenly we were running late. When Kayla (MOH) noticed me freaking out, she gave me your letter and it brought me back down to earth
  • On the way to photos, I realized I had forgotten to shave my armpits. Luckily my A+ bridesmaids helped a homie out and got a razer on their way to the photos
  • I was anxious about everything going smoothly. Worried about people finding the venue, finding parking, everything that could possibly go wrong.
  • I remember walking into the conservatory (late) and looking for you.
  • You’re back was towards me and I remember walking towards you, my arm laced in my dad’s. We stopped for the photo op, I tapped your shoulder, you turned around and that was it. I was calm.
  • We took photos. It was the perfect autumn day. 60 and sunny. Kayla and Mason blocked the entrances so the public wouldn’t photobomb our first look photos
  • By the time we were done with photos, my hunger had finally caught up to me. This was the only time I’d be hungry for the rest of the day. Bless my MOH’s heart because she ran into the conservatory’s concession stand and got me a granola bar and a GoGurt
  • We split up and I wouldn’t see you again until the ceremony
  • I was sequestered to the bridal suite where I waited for our guests to trickle in and take their seat. I remember I had to pee, but I couldn’t get to the bathroom without people seeing me, so I held it. I seriously considered testing my aim in the large coffee my dad had brought me.
  • Then it was time for us to line up. I laced my arm back through my dad’s, took a deep breath, and started walking. I saw some people in the crowd. Some of the people I love most in the world and it was then when I had to start holding back some preliminary tears.
  • I remember I had to physically pull my dad back because he was straight up sprinting down the aisle. I think he was just as excited as me, or maybe he was worried Logan would try to make a run for it.
  • Once I faced you my heart was calm, and I felt like a horse with blinders on. All I could see was your face in front of mine.
  • I loved your vows. They were so Logan. They were genuine, and kind, and a little funny. You’re seriously talented at making promises.
  • Thanks to many practice runs, I was able to say my vows without breaking into a hysterical/happy/emotional sobbing session in front of everyone.
  • The ceremony was short. Like really short. In a span of 15 minutes, we went from two individuals to one legal family. YAS.
  • We kissed, and it was such a good kiss that I demanded a second immediately after.
  • From there, things start to get fuzzy. Speeches were made. Laughs were belted. Cake was eaten. And moves were busted (dancing, lots and lots of dancing).

Logan, my husband, you make me better. You make me proud. I’m so excited for our future and I know that with you by my side we can do anything.

Photos: Iron + Honey Photography

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  • What a sweet post. Congrats! It looks and sounds like it was such an incredible and beautiful day!

    xx Chelsea

  • Kassie Stallings Sands

    Love you guys! And so glad we got to hang out a bit this weekend!