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Hiii guys and welcome to 2018! Unlike a lot of people, I actually like New Year’s goals and resolutions. Basically, the only good thing about January is that you get to start over. I also love daydreaming about the possibilities¬†a new year holds, don’t you?

The past two years I did Whole 30, but last time around it was such a burden and I didn’t see/feel any amazing results like I did my first time around. So I’m nixing that plan this year. Because YOLO, right? Also, I ate way too many dried mangos and got kind of addicted… I should also note, my teeth were not thankful for all the sugar.

A whole year of one goal is honestly unattainable and pretty boring, right? So this year I’m changing it up and working on monthly goals for myself. I’m also (mostly) stepping away from the diet goals and thinking outside the box with what I want to accomplish each month. Here’s to a better me!

January Goal

No sweets and treats. Alcohol only 1/week. I’m not doing Whole 30, but I did need a dietary reset this month.

February Goal

Make a new recipe every week!

March Goal

Learn something new.

April Goal

Drink at least 64 oz. of water every day

May Goal

Blog 3x/week and develop a new series for this space.

June Goal

Read 5 books. This will probably lead to less screen time which is an added bonus.

July Goal

Low carb month.

August Goal

Bring my DSLR camera with me everywhere.

September Goal

No heat hairstyles all month long. My locks will be thanking me.

October Goal

Do an intentional act of kindness every day.

November Goal

Call my parents at least once a week.

December Goal

No shopping for myself. This obviously does not include groceries.

Do you have any goals or resolutions for 2018? I think it’ll be a great year personally and professionally. Also, comment on this post if you think I should add “adopt a dog” to May’s goal.

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