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Hi, friends, long time no talk. Last week was a little hectic post-work. I cut all my hair off (you can get daily updates on Instagram), went to trivia, and watched a lot of The Handmaid’s Tale. Have you seen that show?! It’s crazy! I also wrote my first post for The Chicago Chic. It’s all about how to rock a neck scarf (shocking, right?), and you can read it here.

Alright, now that the housekeeping is out of the way, let’s talk fitness. I’ve been going to the gym/consistently working out since I was 16 years old.My love of fitness was born out of my love for unhealthy food and the consequences (read: weight gain) that were born from it. My sister and I would even leave sleepovers early because we were addicted to our Saturday morning Step Jam class. I would definitely enroll in one if I could find one in the city.

I don’t have a naturally thin body, nor do I have a small frame. I basically look like a strong rectangle.

But this isn’t a body positivity post, we can cover that a different day. I just want to fill all of you in on my usual fitness routine, because it’s a pretty big part of my life.

I usually workout 3x a week. I bump this up to 4x during the warmer months because I add in a weekend lakefront “fun run.” I usually like to switch up my workout routines so I don’t become bored out of my mind, so below are my usual go-to’s.

Cardio I tolerate

After years of working out, I’m still not sure if I love or hate cardio. Sometimes it’s the best, and sometimes it’s the worst. I’ve never run more than 5 miles, so maybe I need to step up my cardio game? You’ve got tips on becoming a better runner? Let me know.

That said, my cardio routine is usually a 20-minute run, at a 9:30 pace. Except the fun run is 3.2 ish miles. Sometimes I do more, sometimes I do less. But this is my favorite way to break a sweat. If my old lady knees are achy, I’ll opt for 20 minutes of the stairmaster and then want to kill myself.

Weights I lift

One of the biggest perks of my body type is that I’m naturally strong. After I run, I usually focus on one muscle group and go to town. I incorporate a big lift (squats, deadlifts, bench), and then compliment with 2-3 less intense exercises but still working the same muscle group, does that make sense?

For example, if I do squats 3×5 (@ 160 pounds), I’ll then do lunges, and straight leg deadlifts, but with a lot less weight. I love lifting because, unlike cardio, it comes easily to me. I’d love to do like one CrossFit class rotation and see how many of the power lifts I could do, but I’m afraid a.)  I’ll become addicted and b.) die.

Programs I Like

When in doubt, I think Pinterest is an awesome place to start out. I also LOVED Kayla Itsiness’ Beach Body Guide. TBH, I just screenshotted the workouts from Pinterest and didn’t buy her product. Sorry. I also like the 5-Day Total Body Workout plan from Fitness RX. I’d love to do more classes, but my gym doesn’t offer any. I’ve been contemplating ClassPass for awhile now, but I’m afraid of the inconvenience factor…

What do you do to stay fit? Let me know!!!

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  • I love ClassPass! My routine right now is run 3x per week (2 runs of 3-5mi and 1 run of 6-8mi) and 2-3 strength classes via ClassPass (typically weight lifting and megaformer) and 1-2 free yoga classes (at my office or with the Pilsen Yoga Tribe). I have a discount link on my blog for ClassPass if you’re interested!