A Love Letter to My Mom

One of the few reasons I enjoy running is because I have time to think without distraction. On my last run, I was thinking about my parents. How much I love them. How appreciative I am of their love and dedication to me. My parents are two very different people who loved me the same amount in two very different ways. I don’t know if they know how much I┬ácare for them, but I wanted to make it clear through two separate┬áposts. This is a love letter to my mother.

Who she is

My mom is an amazing woman. She’s smart, ambitious, fierce, and stubborn. She started her own embroidery business from the ground up and has been the founder and CEO of Embroidery by Cindi for well over a decade. She knows how to build and maintain relationships, and she works hard. But she plays hard too. My mom loves vacations and goes on a ton throughout the year with different friends of hers (I’m very jealous). She’s goofy in her own way and has finally learned to accept my constant teasing as the way I show my love for her. My mom has opinions and she holds on to them regardless of what anyone else says. She’s stubborn. And argumentative. Just like me. She is a unique woman who loves her children, decorating her house, DIY projects, and cheap Moscato.

Favorite memories

My mom is a low-key adventurer. She’s been to Europe, Japan, Puerto Rico, all across the United States, and probably a bunch of other places I’m probably forgetting. So naturally, some of my favorite memories are traveling alongside her.

One of my favorite trips was when we went to Puerto Rico. I was 13 and we traveled with one of her girlfriends. We were at the airport getting ready to leave when we were told the plane was overbooked and we could stay for an extra night and get free round-trip tickets for me, my mom, and my sister. My mom didn’t hesitate for a minute, and we got to spend another day in Puerto Rico. Just the three of us.

Per my request, we spent most of our extra day looking for a little tourist shop that would braid our hair (like kids get on cruises). We searched all around downtown, but we never found a salon or kiosk that braided little tourist’s hair. And even though we never found a place to get our hair braided, we had the best day wandering around downtown San Juan. We went into shops, saw giant cruise ships, and spent the day just enjoying each other.

How she shaped me

My mom has taught me to be ambitious, strong-willed, and adventurous. I get my stubbornness and argumentative nature from her. Those attributes kind of sound like negative qualities, but they aren’t. She taught me to be bold and outspoken. And I am. I’m a lot like my mom. And I’m not mad about it.

Our relationship now

Parental relationships are the most transformative of any. During my middle and high school years, my mom and I butted heads A LOT (because we’re so similar), but now we’re buds. We have a funny relationship. I tease her and she pretends to be upset about it. We gossip and gush. She planned my entire wedding for me (BLESS YOU MA). I love my mom, I like my mom, and I can’t wait for the adventures we’ll have in the future.

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