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Host the Best Scary Movie Night


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I’ve noticed Halloween┬áis a divisive holiday. Some people think it’s the absolute worst. A celebration for children and only children. And then there are people like me. I love Halloween. It’s not just a day, it’s a season! I love the costumes, candy, scary movies, crunchy leaves, bobbing for apples, Halloween cartoon movies, seasonal TV episodes (Bob’s Burgers is the best), I love it all. Except for Monster Mash. I freaking hate the song Monster Mash.

This year twin and I wanted to fully indulge in the Halloween season and host a spooky movie marathon. Ok, initially it was called “Spoopy” movie marathon because of this. But apparently, no one else knows what spoopy┬áis and my guests thought I made a typo on the invitations. So spooky movie marathon it is.

Our movie marathon party was an absolute blast, and here are 4 ways to make your next movie marathon the best one yet:

  1. Try out some themed snacks and treats. We used Pinterest for our creepy food inspiration. I freaking love how the banana ghosts turned out.
  2. Grab some cheap decorations. Streamers and balloons go a long way and can be bought at the dollar store.
  3. Pick your movies based on the streaming services you have. Between Twin and I, we have access to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO GO so we were 100% covered on the movie front.
  4. Blow up an air mattress so it feels like a throwback sleepover. I remember the first time I watched Scream was at a sleepover party when I was 10. I was terrified and electrified at the same time. I’ve been hooked on the horror genre ever since!
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