Floral Embroidered Tee

Hi, friends & happy freaking Hump Day! It’s been a pretty decent week, the siblings and I decided to head home for 24 hours for Mother’s Day this weekend! It’s always nice to spend a little time in my childhood home and see my parents. All of us siblings live in the city, so we hang out pretty regularly.

I’m sad to say, but I think this is my last Europe vacation post. Cue all the tears. I wore this in the evening after the sun had started its descent. Needless to say, I definitely learned my lesson about wearing tight, black pants in the Spanish heat while walking through Retiro park. So during the day, I swapped out these black distressed denim for a pair of classic cut offs.

Outfit Details: Embroidered Shirt / Distressed Denim / Naot Shoes

Did I tell you all how much serious shopping I did while in Madrid? I went a little overboard, but it’s 100% the bet shopping city in Europe. Madrid, and Spain, in general, has so many unique stores that we don’t have in the states. Pull & Bear, Primark (now there are a few in the states, but not Chicago), Lefties, and lots of little boutiques that have cheap, trendy clothes. My point is, it’s very easy to go overboard.

I picked up this embroidered floral tee at Zara (linked above), and I’m obsessed! I should upgrade all of my basic tees to one’s with elaborate floral embroidery, don’t you think? Fun fact, my mom has owned her own embroidery business since I was like 10, so I’ve always been #blessed with monogrammed blankets, custom sweatshirts, etc. Now that embroidered clothes are super trendy, I might have to ask her for a few more favors.

Now let’s talk about these shoes. Don’t they look like they were made for the Spanish cobblestone streets? I think so. They’re called Naots, and goodness they’re comfy AF. The soles kind of feel like a cloud and they have so much arch support. I usually opt for cheap sandals that have literally 0.00 foot support, so these guys were definitely a game changer with all the walking we were doing (over 20,000 steps per day). P.S. They’re doing a Mother’s Day giveaway right now, easy to enter and then you won’t have to worry about showing up empty-handed to your Mother’s Day brunch.

And that’s that guys! What are you all doing for Mother’s Day? What’d you get your mom? Don’t tell, but I’m still brainstorming the perfect gift for her. 

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