Embrace What You Love

Trends are everywhere. They’re a part of the fashion ecosystem. While I love my basics, they can get a little boring. That’s when I start getting antsy with my creativity and v thirsty to test out a new trend.

Something you need to have when trying out a trend? Confidence. As I’ve gotten older (LOL 26), I’ve felt my confidence grow. Thinking I’m hott shit has definitely helped me experiment with my style. Even if my friends sometimes cringe at my outfits…

This look has two trends that I’m currently going gaga over. 1.) Chunky shoes and 2.) teddy coats. I asked for these shoes for Christmas, and when I opened them my entire family gasped in horror. But I didn’t care because they were exactly what I wanted. I wish this teddy coat was a little warmer so I could switch between it and my parka. Hey spring, where you at?

Other trends I want to put my spin on?

  1. Neck scarves: I’ve been on this one for a long time, but glad it’s making a resurgence with silky neck ties.
  2. Skorts: Could there be anything better than the elegance of a skirt with the thigh comfort of shorts? I think not.
  3. Graphic tees: I got this one from Stay at Home Club and I want a million more.
  4. Midi skirts: I can’t believe I still don’t have one.
  5. Platform heels: I just ordered these ones with a DSW gift card I had.
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