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Currently Craving: Trendy One Pieces (Under $30!)

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I’m going to Mexico!

Hello, people of the internet. Did I tell you that I booked a trip to Mexico in March? Buh-bye sweater weather. We’re going to an all-inclusive resort and I cannot wait. I think the trip is the only thing getting me through winter 2018. Am I right? This vacay will be extra fun because I’m going with my husband, twin sister, and brother! We haven’t been on a beach vacation since our honeymoon. I’m beyond pumped for chilling, drinking, and swimming. Have you been to an all-inclusive resort before?

One piece swimsuits are better than bikinis

Growing up I always wore one-piece swimsuits. I think it was the mixture of my chubby frame and total lack of confidence. Like a lot of tween/teen girls, I always wanted to cover up as much as possible. Hide my body. Maybe if there were all these cute options (all under $30) when I was going through my most insecure days I could’ve been a little more confident around the pool. I remember shopping in the juniors sections and there were ZERO cute one pieces. I actually had to wear a tankini. Which I think we can all agree is the worst style of swimsuit.


I actually didn’t wear a bikini until I was 17… but I never grew to like two pieces. The bikini became more of an ideal than a piece of clothing to swim in. I remember (even still) thinking “I can only wear a bikini when ____.”

Body confidence

Fast forward a decade, and I’m more confident in my body than ever, but I still feel really uncomfortable in bikinis. Maybe it’s because wearing my underwear around a bunch of strangers makes me feel uncomfortable, or maybe it’s because I hate my pale tummy (it rejects ALL sunlight), either way, one-piece swimsuits are my jam. I’m so happy they are trendy, affordable, and sexy as hell.

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