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Currently Craving: Birthday/Christmas Wish List

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As I get older I find it a little weird to ask for presents that I could buy myself. Does anyone else feel that way? My lists have slowly transitioned from lots of little trendy items to a condensed list of high-quality products I’ve been craving but haven’t pulled the trigger on. You can follow my ongoing wish list here.


  • Platform boots: I’ve been wanting platform boots for a while, and when I saw these gorgeous leather ones from Dr Martens my heart soared. They seem absolutely perfect for slushy/wet Chicago weather.
  • Trendy tennis shoes: I know I just mentioned I’m shifting away from “trendy” items, but these tennis shoes are an exception to the rule. They’re not as over the top as other ones I’ve seen, but they’re still on trend.


  • Wire baskets: You know you’re 25 when you ask for organizational items for Christmas. I think these wire baskets would be an incredible addition to my closet organization.
  • Drawer dividers: Not on the list, but I imagine these drawer dividers would be perfect for my messy sock/workout drawers.


  • Hair: Liz Adams has been raving about this hair oil that she uses to keep her long locks healthy and shiny. I’ve been looking for something to calm the dry frizziness that plagues my post-curl locks.
  • Makeup: I’ve been obsessed with lip colors all year long, and I would welcome literally any lipstick/balm/gloss to my collection.


  • Socks: As basic as it sounds, I really need some socks for all the ankle boots I have. I have a lot of socks from when calf boots were in, but clearly, I can’t wear those with ankle booties. CLEARLY.
  • Scarf: I need a giant plain scarf to wear with my winter coats. I have a few patterned ones, but I can’t wear them with my faux fur coat.
  • Sunnies: I have one nice pair of sunglasses from the summer of 2013. I love this round tortoise pair from Ray-Ban.
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