Coffee Talk: Vol. III

Hi, friends! Welcome to the third installment of Coffee Talk. I hope you enjoyed the summer weekend. It was a crazy one in Chicago because of Lollapalooza. I’ve never been to the iconic music festival. It’s not really my scene, because¬†I’m not that into music. I mean, I like music (duh), I’m just not passionate about it. But I think I’ll have to go one year just to have the experience. Did any of you go to Lolla? Well now you know what I haven’t been doing, but here’s what I have been up to the past few weeks.



  • I recently joined FFC gym, and they offer 5, hour-long personal training sessions with your membership. Wow. My personal trainer was super smart, encouraging, and motivating. I feel like I’ve been armed with the secret to workout success. Hint: for me, it’s all about circuit training!
  • I’ve been getting more involved with Chicagogrammers. A group of Chicago Instagrammers and influencers. Yesterday was their one-year birthday bash at Gino’s East and I wore this.
  • I’ve been unable to find a good book since our July book club book. We read Where’d You Go, Bernadette. I’d love to start a YA series. Do you have any recommendations?



  • I am a HUGE TV fan. Like I probably watch way too much of it, but I’m too much of a homebody to go out during the week. #sorrynotsorry. Hubby is a big TV fan too, so he’s my binge buddy.
  • Kayla and I started watching a raunchy comedy called I’m Sorry. The writing and acting for this show is AMAZING. It’s about a comedy writer who’s navigating the world of motherhood while staying true to her nonconventional personality. You can watch the trailer here.
  • Riverdale is everything you want in a teen TV drama. Hookups, cat fights, and murder – seriously, what could you want?!
  • Guys, Logan and I just finished rewatching Brooklyn Nine Nine. Ugh! It’s such a good show, and now we need a light 20-minute show to watch. Recommendations?



  • Tired.¬†Summertime makes me want to be on vacation for three months, ya feel? I guess this is growing up.
  • Happy.¬†Life has been pretty easy lately, and I’m definitely not complaining.

What do you guys think of this series? Do you like hearing more personal thoughts from me, or should I stick to outfit posts?

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