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Hi everyone, I hope all of you are reading this in a warm and cozy spot. I know the East coast has had a rough go of it with the ‘bomb cyclone’ of a winter storm, and us Chicagoans haven’t had it much easier. The past ten days or so it’s been below freezing, sometimes getting down to -20. Needless to say, I haven’t been venturing off much. And I’ve been wearing outfits that will keep me warm instead of putting cuteness first and foremost. WOMP. I’ve been asking myself over and over why I live here. Maybe I should move to Cali?

The outfit I’m wearing above was from early December before the temps got too cold. I’ve linked similar items to the outfit above. But my jacket is an old one from Old Navy, my turtleneck and shoes are from Primark (can’t link their clothes), and the jeans were thrifted. I’d restyle the turtleneck and denim with a parka (not cute) or my new faux fur coat (v cute).

I don’t think incredibly cold temps in Chicago should shock anyone. It happens literally every year. And every year I have to get creative with what I wear. And what I do. It’s so easy to sit at home and watch hours of TV while wearing my oldest pair of highlighter yellow running shorts and my UWW sweatshirt, but I’ve been trying to keep the weekends fun. So I’ve made a little list of fun winter activities anyone can do. Most of them are super cheap, if not entirely free.

How to have fun in the winter

  1. Free Museum Days

    Chicago museums are great about offering free admission to museums for IL residents. You can check the dates here. Just brace yourself for some crowds. Definitely worth it to get out of the house and soak up some of the world-class art that calls Chicago home.

  2. New recipes

    It’s so easy to get in a recipe rut. Logan and I are constantly preparing the same 5 meals every week and then we usually go out during the weekend. But when it’s -10 degrees outside, I definitely don’t want to venture outside. No matter how badly I want that burrito. We’ve been taking advantage of staying in and trying some new recipes. It’s cost effective¬†and fun. Win-win.

  3. Game Nights

    I feel like game nights are coming back in style. We’ve had a few with some friends, and they were an absolute blast. Say no to the $5 bar cover and grab a game. My current favorites are Tabboo, What Do You Meme, and Telestrations.

  4. Coffee Shops

    Warm drinks, new scenery, and free wifi. Sounds good to me.

  5. Movie Marathons

    I LOVE movies. There’s nothing better than having a few gal pals over, pumping up the air mattress, popping a big ol’ bowl of popcorn and hunkering down for a movie marathon.


How’s your winter going? What do you do to avoid going outside?

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