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Hi, everyone! I’ve missed talking with you all over the past week, but if you were following along on Instagram stories, you know that I was gallivanting across Europe #humblebrag. My hubby really lived up to his Instagram husband potential and shot some AMAZING content for this blog.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this little corner of the internet, and how I want to share more of my day to day life with you all. Open up more about my thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the world around us. All while maintaining this as a fashion-first blog. So get ready!

Pssst. If you don’t want to read the whole post?, you can enter to win here. 

Call freaking CNN because the weather has finally changed from winter to spring. PRAISE BE! I don’t think I could have made it through another week of 30-degree temps. We came back from Europe to an absolutely perfect Chicago. The trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, and I don’t have to wear my parka anymore.

The return of spring means it’s time to do some spring shopping. And let me tell you, this Jord watch is a great addition to any Spring wardrobe. I know you all have probably seen a lot about these watches, but let me tell you, they live up to the hype. I was a little hesitant about my ability to love a wood watch, but Jord definitely proved me wrong. One might think this women’s watch would be scratchy or uncomfortable, but it’s seriously the exact opposite. They treat the wood like it’s a little baby butt, I know because the watch is soft as hell. It’s also SUPER light weight. I mean it’s a massive watch face, but it’s like wearing nothing all day. I’m definitely obsessed.

I’m a big fan of being “unique,” but I usually fall into the “basic” category (honestly nothing wrong with that). But damn, these Jord watches are unique AF. I picked the Navy Blue face because my wardrobe is mostly black, white, gray, and whatdya know, blue. So it pairs perfectly with a bunch of my clothes. If you’re not really into watches, then you can still win the best wifey, girlfriend, boyfriend, hubby, sister, etc. award and grab one for the man in your life.

Lucky for you, you can win one of these cuties by entering my giveaway. SAY WHAT?! That’s right, you can enter to win $100 towards your very own Jord watch. But, wait there’s more. I’m really playing into the millennial mentality and letting all of you be winners. Anyone and everyone who enters the Jord watch giveaway will automatically receive $25 towards your watch. SCORE. So get to it, and enter here.



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