A Subtle Take on Monochrome


I think the monochrome look started to take off with the very approachable Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim) trend. As a teenager, I would have never have had the confidence to pull off a Canadian tuxedo. This is coming from the girl who was once afraid to wear SKINNY JEANS. Fast forward to here and now, and I’ve worn many Canadian tuxedos, but I’ve yet to style a monochrome look outside of it. I’m trying to put my own spin on it.

We took these pictures at Harvest Time Orchards on the border between Wisconsin and Illinois. I love this place because it has an apple orchard and a little pumpkin patch. Unfortunately, we went a little later in the year than we usually do, so a lot of the pumpkins were taken. The ones left behind were a bit rotten.

When we planned the trip, Twin half-jokingly asked if I was going to pack some outfit changes for the pumpkin patch vs. the apple orchard. Of course, I immediately denied I would do such a silly thing. But the morning of our day trip approached and I just couldn’t help myself. I ended up packing two *kind of* monochromatic looks. So stay tuned for my green on green!

I don’t know if there’s anything more nostalgic than a pumpkin patch for me. Well, maybe a Christmas tree farm. When I was little my dad would take my sister and me to our local pumpkin patch for a full day of fun. I loved my childhood pumpkin patch. There was an amazing wooden play set, a corn maze, and lots of animals. My sister and I would feed and pet the goats, pigs, and chickens through the fences. I can vividly remember carefully choosing my soon to be Jack-o-lantern, giggling like a mad woman while the goats tried to eat my hand, and cautiously trying to get the Chickens to choose a different way to eat that didn’t involve pecking my fingers.

Pumpkin patches are near and dear to my heart, so why not try to dress like one?

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