25 Memories from my 25th Year

Another year older, another year wiser. Right? Today I’m 26! My 25th year was filled with belly laughs, new friendships, and good memories galore. There were also tears, yelling, and too many hangovers, but let’s try to focus on the good. I did a memory recap for my 25th birthday too. 

1.Rung in the new year with good friends and a pitcher of margaritas.

2. I didn’t eat sugar the entire month of January. I think this will be a new annual tradition for me since I get bloated over the holiday season. It also felt like a huge accomplishment. 

3. Spirited book club discussions with some of my all-time favorite ladies. The book that sparked the biggest debate was Little Fires Everywhere. 

4. Kayla and I learned how to macrame through a Dabble Class. If you haven’t tried Dabble I’d highly recommend it!

5. We hosted a few very adult dinner parties. One of the biggest wedding perks is all the hosting swag you get!

6. We went to resort in Mexico with my siblings and it was a BLAST. We’re going to try and do it every other year. 

7. At the resort, we went snorkeling every day and saw/swim beside wild sea turtles.

8. Oi! Oi! – Inside joke from the resort hibachi. 

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9. I went to Savannah for the first time for a bachelorette trip. It’s the cutest city!

10. While we’re on the topic of travel, we also went to NYC for my brother in law’s proposal to his now fiance. I was in charge of taking the pics. High pressure – but I think they turned out pretty well. That’s me with the backpack….

11. Kayla and I found out we can swim off of Belmont harbor so we don’t have to ride our bikes down to North Avenue. If you’re in Chicago, then you know that’s a major win.

12. I learned I love love love mezcal through a Big Star cooking class. I’ve been obsessed with the smoky alcohol ever since.

13. Our annual trip to KC included Kayla and Andy this year. 

14. Getting absolutely pampered with massages at the Peninsula. V fancy. They even make a custom scent for you and place it by your nose during the massage. It was heavenly.

15. Watching the Air and Water Show from a yacht in Lake Michigan. WORK PERKS.

16. Met our sweet Goddaughter, Perri James.

17. Volunteered at Paws, but not as much as I wanted.

18. Random summer weekend trips back to my hometown. Pool hangs and bags tournaments at my friend’s housewarming party.

19. Gained a nephew in the form of a chihuahua mix. I gave the idea for his name: Cheeto. 

20. Through it back to middle school days and played popcorn (any other ex-volleyball players out there?) on the sidewalk outside her apartment.

21. Made a trip to Denver for our family friend that was getting married. We had a blast and Logan learned he hates hiking. The best part was the heated pool the resort had. 

22. Sister LA trip! Brother made a surprise appearance. 

23. Kayla and I hosted our second annual spoopy movie marathon. 

24. All the random events with friends. Brunches, bars, cookie exchanges, sushi Sundays, book clubs, game nights. All of it. I’m so lucky to have so many incredible people in my life.

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