Mini Home Tour

    Bedroom Tour

    I don’t spend a ton of time in our bedroom other than sleeping and getting ready. I used to WFH two days a week and would spend those days at this IKEA desk, but my new gig doesn’t have a ton of WFH options. Sometimes hubs will do his homework (masters classes) there so it’s not a complete waste. Truthfully, we sometimes use it as a clothes rack or “pile all our shit” piece of furniture. You know how it goes.

    One of my favorite pieces in my bedroom is this gifted Star Print from Modern Map Art. This design is what the stars looked like above our wedding venue the night we got married. The Modern Map Art team makes it super easy to customize your poster. You can pick the size, font, color, border, the whole shebang!

    Another piece that has special meaning is the macrame plant holder. Twin and I made it through a Dabble class! If you haven’t Dabbled, then you really should. If you haven’t heard, Dabble is a site (like Groupon) where you can find local artists to teach you skills!

    Other special trinkets in my room include but aren’t limited to my sister’s MOH wedding toast, kisses from all the ladies that went on my bachelorette, and Logan’s great grandma’s handmade quilt (not pictured).

    Living Room Tour

    Our living room has taken a long time to get right. No one tells you how hard it is to decorate! They also don’t tell you how expensive it can get. Although I desperately wanted a sectional, Logan absolutely refused. We compromised and have a couch + a chaise lounge.

    The main artwork in our living room are the three maps of cities Logan and I have lived in together (Whitewater, Madrid, and Chicago).

    Undoubtedly, the worst part of our living room is the wicker cat basket I found in the alley. I’ll be the first to admit I would chuck it. BUT Luna is so obsessed with it and my mushy heart cannot take it away from her.

    Dining Room Tour

    Last but not least is our dining room. Our apartment is kind of weird in the sense that we have a massive dining room. This is great for when I host dinner parties or book club! It was a bit of a challenge for us to fill the space, but we’ve finally got it in a good place.

    We painted the two mirrors white, and our table is custom made. My mom found us the hutch, which we use for a bar cart. Logan made us the buffet out of an old TV stand he made with his dad.

    Our apartment has come a long way, and it finally feels like a cozy home. Our next purchase? A bed frame!

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