Pleats Are Perfect – Here’s Why

    pleated pants

    Uniqlo pleated pants

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    Outfit Details: Off the shoulder bodysuit (similar) // Pleated Pants // Shoes

    Hi guys, and happy fall! Wait, is it fall yet? I’ve been enjoying the on again off again fall weather Chicago’s been dishing out. But I seriously can’t wait for it to be here to stay. I legit cannot wear another pair of shorts! I just can’t do it, guys. At this point, I’d even welcome some early winter days (too far?).

    I’ve already crossed a few fall activities off our bucket list. Apple picking, baking an apple crisp and drinking some warm lattes. I still miss the all the fall activities that came with childhood. Football games?! I freaking loved Friday night football games in middle and high school.

    Anyway, back to present day. I’m going on a sister trip to Denver next weekend with the twin, and I’m beyond pumped! I haven’t been on a legitimate hike in a really long time. Maybe ever…? Luckily, I have a few friends that have moved to Denver and pumped me full of recommendations, but I’m always up for more reccos if you have them.

    Now let’s talk about this look. Remember my revelation about pleats? They’re seriously the most flattering type of fabric. I scooped up these Uniqlo ones a while ago on clearance, and I really like them! They’re such a unique piece, and I feel like there are a million ways to style them. I want to do some more fall fashion layering with these guys, but until the weather cooperates, I’ll be wearing these pleated pants with bodysuits, tank tops, and some tees. Speaking of bodysuits, I’ve rocked this one before, and I’ll do it again!

    I’m a short, stocky girl, so I’m still surprised by how much I like bodysuits. I only have a few in my closet currently, but I’d love to add more long sleeved ones (turtlenecks?!) for fall and winter. These pants are perfect for different bottoms (not jeans) like these pleated pants, skirts, and overalls/jumpers.

    What have you guys been up to?