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    7 Spring Dresses You Need to Add to Your Wardrobe


    The weather is FINALLY warming up, and Spring is synonymous with dresses. Am I right, or am I right? I love wearing dresses because it’s the easiest outfit on the planet. Also, the dresses I gravitate towards (above) are basically oversized t-shirts. So, clearly a no-brainer for me. I tried to do some thrifting last weekend for some good summer dresses, but they just weren’t there.

    Cue online shopping. I haven’t added any of these beauties to my cart yet because I’m crossing my fingers for a Memorial Day Sale. Do you know of any? Also, a big perk of living in Chicago is being able to hop on a bus for 15 minutes and try all these dresses on IRL. So I might do that this weekend. By the way, I feel super blessed to have not one, but TWO Zara’s in the city.

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