Weekend Recap Vol 46

    I used to write these weekend update posts all the time. I have almost a years worth of them! I don’t know why, but for some reason, I just stopped writing them.


    Friday night was spent at my brother’s house for a going away party. He’s moving to San Diego (no, I’m not okay with it) at the end of the month so we’re soaking up every last bit of having him here. The party was a potluck/drain his booze kinda get together and it was such a blast. I’m so lucky to have siblings that I love so much.


    Saturday was one of the most American days I’ve ever experienced. We drove back to the apple orchard we went to last year. It’s a great orchard because it’s not too far from the city (1 hour 20 min drive), and it straddles the border of Illinois and Wisconsin. Do you know what that means?! They serve Spotted Cow!

    After getting our picking on, we pet some piggies, fed the goats, and demolished a couple cider donuts. Excellent.

    The next thing we did was out of my comfort and not my idea. Guys, we went to a gun range. I’d never shot a gun, and I can’t say I’d do it again. Unlike most movie/TV cliches, after handling a gun I feel like they’re power and danger is underplayed in movies. Holding one is a terrifying experience (just me?). And I’m just not a fan.


    Sunday was exactly as a Sunday should be. I went to my favorite workout class at FFC. Afterward, I went and saw A Star is Born with my sister. The movie was honestly so well made that I’ve been in a google hole of “10 facts you didn’t know about A Star is Born” and “see what Bradley Cooper said about his first meeting with Lady Gaga” ever since.

    Next up? Binging “The Haunting of Hill House” on Netflix. Do you like horror? If so, you gotta watch it! The night capped out with not one, but two heaping servings of the Twin’s boyfriend’s famous apple crisp. Color me content.

    What’d you do this weekend?

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