The Trend I Thought I Hated

    Happy weekend lovelies. Summer weekends feel so so special. I keep finding myself daydreaming of my childhood summers. Those seasons were some of the absolute best times of my life.

    Summer, when I was a kid, meant playing in my friend’s pool, sleepovers on weeknights, trips down south, and the week-long camp I went to every year starting in 6th grade. The summer camp I went to has an extra special part in my heart because that’s where I would eventually meet my husband *swoooon*. Summer weekends still make me feel that same carefree summer spirit that was laced throughout my childhood. Did you have any summer traditions?

    Now let’s shift gears a bit and talk about this trend that’s been going strong for a while now. We took these photos almost a month ago – whoops. I try to combine our little photo shoots with a few looks and the least amount of add-ons. We shot this look the same day as this one. You can see the base for both of these looks is my favorite pair of light washed And when I was thinking of the other top I should wear with these Old Navy power pants I thought to myself “Shannon, it’s about time you start trying out this Canadian Tuxedo trend” and this is what I came up with.

    The key to denim on denim is that you need a pop of color. Any pop of color. The one I wore with this outfit was the thrifted corduroy jacket that I revamped (by cutting it into a cropped style) a while ago. Other good pops of color could be a colorful shoe, bandana, or even a bold lip.

    Are there any trends that you never thought you would like or could pull off but then you killed it? TELL ME! Other trends I thought I hated at first: cropped tops and bodysuits.

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