Sporty Girl in a Color-block Dress

    Spring, you fickle friend of mine. Why can’t you let me be a cool girl in a sporty dress without tights? Chicago, as usual, is playing the yo-yo game with seasons. This game means I’m stuck wearing tights in May. But have no fear, you can still look cool in tights! My tip to styling tights without looking too frumpy is to wear them with shorter dresses.

    I love this sporty Zara dress for a few reasons. Hello, color blocking! Hello, zip front! Helloooo, Sporty Spice vibes! What’s not to love? I like being able to add trendy items to my wardrobe that still have some legs for creative styling. You know what I mean?

    Alright, let’s take a minute to talk about these shoes. It seems like anytime you add a pair of sneakers to skirts or dresses you instantly level-up your cool-girl vibe. The sneaker trend is at an all-time high. My collection is looking pretty healthy as is, but I could always add to it. I have these chunky bbs (pictured above), some classic Nikes, and a few platform sneakers. I’m still looking to add in some Allbirds because I hear they’re the pinnacle of comfort.