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    Smile Brilliant Saved My Bold Lip



    Hi everyone! Are you still feeling the effects of daylight savings time? I feel like I’ve been on a lag all week. I don’t know, maybe it’s daylights savings or maybe it’s because my Mexico vacation is so close!!! Guys, this time next week I’ll be hanging out in the pool, drink in hand (so many margs), and relaxing my buns off. We booked the trip so long ago, that I thought it would never come. How far out do you book your trips? Pssst did you guys read my round-up of super cute one pieces all under $30 + free 2-day shipping? I’m kind of debating going off the grid because, let’s be real, how many of you want to see endless Instagram stories of me on the beach…?

    Alright, you know I love a strong margarita, but do you know what else I love? Coffee, red wine, tea, and a bold lip. Now I bet you can guess where I’m going with this. Because I love dark liquids, my teeth have definitely paid the price. I started to notice that my bold lip was paired with some yellow-ish teeth. Not cute. Luckily, Smile Brilliant came swooping in to save all of my bold lip colors from being exiled from my beauty routine. Thanks, guys!

    Now let me give you the honest feedback about the process.

    The Process

    1. Smile Brilliant sends you a kit with clay to make impressions, detailed instructions, teeth whitening gel, and desensitizing gel.
    2. You make your own mold so your trays will fit your unique teeth and bite perfectly. I was really worried about this part but it was actually pretty easy. I wasn’t sure about one of my impressions (it had a tiny hole in it) so I sent a photo of the impression to Smile Brilliant’s customer service email and they responded the next day telling me the impression was good to use! So helpful.
    3. Send in your impressions. This part is super nice, because Smile Brilliant sends you a prepaid envelope with the initial kit package, so no post office for you. YAS.
    4. Wait about a week or two for your impressions to get made.
    5. Once you get your impressions, then you follow a few simple steps to start whitening your teeth
    6. Brush your teeth without toothpaste
    7. Dry your teeth
    8. Use a little of the teeth whitening gel in your custom tray and wear them between 30 min to an hour.
    9. Brush your teeth
    10. Dry your teeth
    11. Fill trays with desensitizing gel
    12. Wear trays for another 15-30 min, spit, and go to bed
    13. Repeat daily or every other day until you’re happy with the results – I did around 9 sessions and I’m keeping the rest for touch-ups

    The Good

    • Smile Brilliant gives you SUPER detailed instructions for every part of the process
    • The process is easy
    • Results happen quickly
    • You don’t have to leave your house/talk to the dentist
    • It’s affordable
    • You only need a little gel for big results
    • It makes you eat less at night. This was an unexpected pro because you can’t eat for an hour after using so I would do them at night and then I couldn’t eat any snacks.

    The Bad

    • The gel tastes weird. Obviously, you don’t eat it, but some gets in your mouth and it’s not great
    • My teeth weren’t very sensitive, but my gums started to get irritated after my 3rd session, so I switched to every other night
    • I only did it during weeknights because it wasn’t conducive to weekend nights. I also go to a lot of events after work and this kind of took a back seat to my evening plans because you need to set aside about an hour and a half to do the whole process
    The coupon & giveaway:
    • I’m giving away a $149 credit for Smile Brilliant (only open to US, UK, Australia, and Canadian residents)! That’s enough to cover the kit I used to bring back my bold lip.
    • If you don’t win, you can still get 15% off with the coupon code: shannoninthecity15

    Tooth Whitening Gel

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