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    Hiii friends! How the heck are you?! Remember when I was like “my fall is SOOO busy“? Well, turns out my winter (yes, I know it’s technically not winter, but you know what I mean) is equally, if not more, busy. It’s been a season full of happy hours, vendor events, sporting events, book club, cookie exchanges, and holiday shopping. I’m going to an event tonight that’s called “ad prom.” Isn’t that amazing?! This is the dress I’m wearing. I’m wearing this.

    Twin snapped these photos of me in front of this beautiful mural right after I had my eyebrows done at Benefit Beauty Bar. I go about every other month to get my eyebrows waxed and dyed. I, sadly, was not blessed with beautiful, full, dark brows. So Benefit Brow Bar to the rescue! If you spend a lot of time filling in your sparse brows in the morning, then you should totally try tinting. There are usually a lot of Groupons out there for brow tinting too (if you’re looking for somewhere other than Benefit).

    Aside from a few super cold weeks, this season has been really great in Chicago. While I especially love not having to thaw my face after my morning commute, I also really like the warmer weather because I can wear my massive collection of fall jackets. Usually, I’d be stuck in a parka, but not this year! MUWAHAHA!

    This outfit is absolutely amazing for the in-between months. I have blonde hair and fair skin, so I didn’t think I could ever rock the color yellow. But man oh man, I am in love with this Old Navy mustard turtleneck. Another thing I never thought I could love? Light wash jeans with black boots. But I guess in the world of fashion, I should really stop saying “never.”

    Can you all believe that Christmas is 18 days away?! I love the holidays and I’m going to soak it all up because January 2nd is honestly the worst day for me. Coming down from the holiday high is always a difficult task. So here’s to the rest of 2018! Here’s to work parties, my 25th birthday, Christmas, and New Years.


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