Transitional Wardrobe Vol 3.


    I don’t think I’ve had a conversation in the last week where we didn’t talk about how time is flying. But seriously. Time is FLYING. Here we are, halfway through November and part 3 of my Transitional Wardrobe series. Did you catch 1 or 2?

    Chicago seemed to have sprinted into Winter this year, so I couldn’t strut this exact outfit around town right now. While it’s easy to say you hate hate hate winter, but there are some perks. The joy of winter? You can just add tights to your summer/fall looks and voila, a seasonally appropriate look is made. I’ve talked about my love of the classic shorts + long sleeved combo before and here it is on display again. Sometimes it’s really hard to find shorts and long-sleeved combos. Maybe not everyone else shares my love of the combination? When I do find the perfect piece, it makes it even more special. Because it’s kinda rare.

    The natural shape of this romper is quite literally a bag (with a crotch). While I’m all about loose fits, sometimes a fit is just straight up unflattering. Cue the belt! And voila now I have a decently fitted romper. I also want to try a simple piece of elastic…Do you have any tips on making something more fitted?

    Off topic, but I actually have a lot of exciting changes in the works. I’m chopping my (not so long) hair to look more like this. I’ve been digging my short hair since I got it chopped this summer, but it’s gotten a little too long #blessed. Back to the chair I go. I’m also getting my first tattoo on Friday and I’m HELLA nervous. I can’t wait to document the process for you guys, especially since you loved this post about planning a tattoo.